Recipe + Poem – Hamburger Steak

I spent all my day yesterday playing the Ghost of Tsushima and ended up just ordering takeout and eating it instead of straying away from my game. So, today, I wanted some comfort food with the flavors of summer. I opted for Hamburger Steak with Lemon Ponzu Sauce and grated Daikon, and of course, Rice. My hamburger steak is based on the Japanese style Wafu … Continue reading Recipe + Poem – Hamburger Steak


His eyes were liquid honey Blazing and brimming awake; ‘Twas twilight reflected on his gaze. She stares away, in a daze Instincts clouded and lips locked away, Memories clouded and muddled. This familiar haze…. But, there it stays, The raging storm From a time before dawn. Yet again, the familiar emotions Grips the saint; so silence, Please, let me tame the devil. Let the ugliness … Continue reading Haze


I would recommend listening to Shackleton by Adam Young while listening to this because the poem was inspired by that song. Hope you like it! ^_^ Time to time, Sway with the drums The fingers Whispering through touch Rhythm rising with each second The world wound in the whorls Of petals. Beyond expectations, Merging with the skin – These lawless tunes Blending with the runes. … Continue reading Melody


Dedicated to every fellow being with wanderlust. In a minute – Hear the thumping of the beat; Heart and eyes Seduced into a senseless agony Dance with his shadows, Pleasure shattering her very soul Day and night. Travelling from land to land Can’t find her, the chase Is impossible to bear, In his arms, Spinning to the swing of Juno. One second turns to a … Continue reading Juno

Find yourself

NOTE: I would recommend listening to Yuri on Ice by Taro Umbeyashi while reading this poem! In the beginning A bit of dew descends On the charred soul An unknown force, reborn; Blue winged beautiful sky Blasted with the insecurities; Rising from the pitch black dark, I see the moon and stars, Dancing to my tune. In that moment, How did the flowers conquer my … Continue reading Find yourself

Maya: incomplete

Note: Read this poem with an open mind and it might just tell you your story. Past of the wooden doors and poignant panes, To the everlasting lands of flora and fae, In an island and a forest with an Enchanting waterfall, leaves abode, Afloat as the dew dwindles down From the hearth in the clouds. She rises from the depths of dawn, Enamored by … Continue reading Maya: incomplete