Recipe + Poem – Ginger Pork

Happy July the 4th everyone! It seems like a cloudy day today, but I hope it gets a little bit brighter! How do you guys feel about cloudy summer days? I have a love-hate relationship with it. If it’s raining and cloudy, I absolutely love it. However, when it’s just cloudy, with no speck of the usual blue hues, it feels a bit gloomy. I … Continue reading Recipe + Poem – Ginger Pork

Recipe + Poem: A Cheesy Affair with Rice

Potato Au Gratin is one of my favorite dishes. You add layers of thinly sliced Potatoes, shredded Gruyere, Heavy Cream, some salt, and pepper, and bake it at 400°F until the cheese is bubbly and the potatoes are done. It was a simple dish that I learned to make when I had a ‘Cutting Skills’ class at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Potatoes are great, … Continue reading Recipe + Poem: A Cheesy Affair with Rice

Experimenting with Yaki Onigiri

Today felt like a perfect day to experiment. So, I went about making my first Raspberry Souffle and exploring my ever so strong love for rice. I practically eat rice every day, with everything; I once ate rice with my Broccoli-Fennel Soup (it was quite good, I swear :)). I also like Japanese Yaki Onigiri, which is essentially grilled triangular-shaped short-grain rice with a delicious … Continue reading Experimenting with Yaki Onigiri

Tonkatsu – Recipe + Poem

The ever so amazing Tonkatsu has always been my trusted companion – especially on the days that I forget to eat! It’s perfect for any weather. Curry with Tonkatsu in Winter, a Spring Tonkatsu like the one here, a summer Tonkatsu with cold Soba Noodles, and the Fall Tonkatsu with oven-roasted root vegetables. Yum! It is an amazing fried food. Did you know that Tonkatsu … Continue reading Tonkatsu – Recipe + Poem

Poem + Recipe – Burmese Curry Chicken Udon

Today was yet another nice spring day, so I started craving Curry and Watermelon. I think that’s a craving that’s a bit too uniquely me! Anyway, my Burmese friend taught me the recipe for Ohn No Khauk Swe, a traditional Burmese breakfast dish. It’s a nice, lemony dish with mouth-watering Coconut and Turmeric combination that will be sure to awe you. So, I went on … Continue reading Poem + Recipe – Burmese Curry Chicken Udon

Steak Dinner – Recipe and Poem

Steak, the amazing, delicious, marbled affair is an indulgent and scrumptious dinner. It’s great, once in a while, or in my case, after I forgot to eat for the entire day 😅 I got a good 8 Oz Ribeye for my steak! Steak Excitement takes over,And sometimesIt looks a bit messy,But as long as your taste buds rejoice –It’s a steak, medium rare well done. … Continue reading Steak Dinner – Recipe and Poem