I tried something different for this poem. It is an acrostic First Love, and has the same connotation related to stardust and first love. Hope you like it! From the begining of time Iridescent as we run, Racing pasts the worlds Silent little wanderers – Tracking the lost. Lingering, beyond the cause Overwhelmed, it was an instant spark; Venturing past the edge Eternally clad in … Continue reading Stardust


Blended the opposites, And sanity was tamed, Living among the Pandering sycophants; Love and life remains The charade of the lands. We stay here – Mastering faces Over the shadows of the sun, We flow with the wind, far away. 。 Iridescent light and impossibly dark, Rise to form the fate as we know Amidst the order, a chaotic game Time and time again, yet … Continue reading Moira

Symbolism: Perspective

We walk this path, Without a single catch, While the splash of black Creeps into the sullen track; White aglow This morning call A smile stuck Like an everlasting sketch – Colors inverted, In this stately deck. ° Can’t seem to focus, Can never be part of a blend. What is happening? Oh, my precious kin – The hue that holds them all And the … Continue reading Symbolism: Perspective