Inner Conflict

Here it starts, my love Are you ready to stand – through my version? Let me take you through The lands of retribution That will break you into pieces. It starts with a creek And the leaves Gliding in solace It shows your memory Filled with glee And people all surrounding, It was those days With flowers all blooming And Periwinkle so blinding A million … Continue reading Inner Conflict

Spring rising

A lush green Thoroughly undisturbed And the bleeding gold Seeping through the crevices Blue and grey – An elongated spine Rising into the sky And a million hands, Comforting the spring Besotten shades of life. The nightgales singing With the rising tides, On this stone encased land The mellow music Sparrs with the wind And with mountains to cross We lie with the Dew ridden … Continue reading Spring rising


Isn’t it beautiful? Every emotion that passes by A moment to recognize You’re still alive. It’s too short, We are often told Live a life without regrets And yet, we question A simple task, to touch To speak, it’s undefined Yet within a simple moment A constrain forever bound. A million moments To break out soul Yet within the swirling dark Resides a clawing creature … Continue reading Radar


A chaotic statis, In the tranquil mayhem. A stronghold, Ever so bound. With breathless silence, Still, we watch on – The moment suspended and Passing between the spaces Between the million faces, The wanderer remains Still. A wishful comfort, With trepidation at large; A lingering truce, While the reverberations last. Author’s Note: Time and time again, I am reminded that life is rather precarious. Everything … Continue reading Precarious


Freestyle: Within Gasping, Every second with the ever present Choices and confusion. Pundits of perfection, Fumbling under flailing pretense; Gasping – Without any direction, Surrender, To the shackles and be free. But. The haste within Sometimes diminishes; Yet, a single instance, When the soul wanders past The chains of the past. The unknown awaits Gasping, Every second with the ever present Choices and confusion, Rising … Continue reading Within

Shades of Green

Open your heart, As the waves come crashing, Soothe the strikes, With this shade everlasting – The green, forever forgiving. Seldom grips your rationality, This beautiful love Of the green seething. Blend it with a mix of yellow and trust, Bountiful shall your life be as such. In the middle of the night, The magic flows with this wondrous green, Stay and grasp, the surreptitious … Continue reading Shades of Green


The mixing of the green, Admonishes the words, As we speak, Hear the whispers of the wind; The secrets of the stream. Surrender your petrifying nightmares, Plunge in the madness of eternal glee. The clouds change shapes, A lioness and a girl in a disarray; The concoction of Opposites stay, And in it, you may find your solace. In this wooden house with willful vows, … Continue reading Tranquility