His eyes were liquid honey Blazing and brimming awake; ‘Twas twilight reflected on his gaze. She stares away, in a daze Instincts clouded and lips locked away, Memories clouded and muddled. This familiar haze…. But, there it stays, The raging storm From a time before dawn. Yet again, the familiar emotions Grips the saint; so silence, Please, let me tame the devil. Let the ugliness … Continue reading Haze

Fire 1: Starry Night

This starry night, With the warmth licking our soul Lost in a million words, A simple gesture Serenades as hope, and We wander Past the land of green and yellow Lost in the sound of the harp A little mellow Foxtrot with the bluebells And lo! It all begins A lore of the sweetest whisper The light, when the earth turns darker Sparkling, eyes stare … Continue reading Fire 1: Starry Night