Dreamy, bright and so Right. The knight with Everlasting sweetness and light. How can she tell you? The worthless worries Paired with blatant Insecurities; you With your perfect streak. It took just a sigh, To set it off course The tingling that Pierced in through Touch. Lips unstrung. For now, we ought to stay Non-existent. She’s not the one in your heart, Your treasures lie … Continue reading Wordless


Author’s Note: This poem is close to my heart. You got this 👊 Take a deep breathe. • Aimlessly wandering beacon of dread Nudging your thoughts, inducing palpitation instead ‘Xactly how did we get here? In the road of trepidation, tears and blood; Enguarde, this is the third response to threat, Trembling and fumbling, frozen brain – dud, Yelling and scrapping inside your skin – … Continue reading Anxiety