Recipe + Poem – Ratatouille

I have always held the movie Ratatouille close to my heart. I was 11 years old when I saw this amazing Pixar film, and it instilled an unrelenting belief in me – that you can be anyone you choose to be. I sometimes still struggle to find my place in this world, but I will always remember that one day, it could be near or … Continue reading Recipe + Poem – Ratatouille

Recipe + Poem – Creamed Spinach

It has been a while since I made something extremely hearty and somewhat healthy. So, I went with Creamed Spinach, because the climate has been shifting from hot to cool and back again the last couple of days. Creamed Spinach is a classic American dish. Believe it or not, this was my first ever solo dish that I made during Thanksgiving way back in 2014. … Continue reading Recipe + Poem – Creamed Spinach

Recipe + Poem – Simple, Bean Sprouts Soup

I was exploring simplistic dishes that would be clean on your palatte a year ago, when I came across Maangchi’s Kongnamul Guk. I loved the simplistic version of the dish, and was inspired by it to make my own version of it. I wanted to make it versatile – hearty enough to have during the winter, but light enough to have during the summer months. … Continue reading Recipe + Poem – Simple, Bean Sprouts Soup

Food+Recipe – Sourdough Curry Bread

I shall have to deem this – experiment #2. I was inspired by the Curry Bread that I saw in Yoko Brennan’s profile to make this Curry Bread or Karepan (レーパン). Initially, I wanted to try out the recipe that Ms. Brennan gave me, which also happened to be the recipe she got from Chika. However, I pretty much did not have any of the … Continue reading Food+Recipe – Sourdough Curry Bread

Experimenting with Yaki Onigiri

Today felt like a perfect day to experiment. So, I went about making my first Raspberry Souffle and exploring my ever so strong love for rice. I practically eat rice every day, with everything; I once ate rice with my Broccoli-Fennel Soup (it was quite good, I swear :)). I also like Japanese Yaki Onigiri, which is essentially grilled triangular-shaped short-grain rice with a delicious … Continue reading Experimenting with Yaki Onigiri

Tonkatsu – Recipe + Poem

The ever so amazing Tonkatsu has always been my trusted companion – especially on the days that I forget to eat! It’s perfect for any weather. Curry with Tonkatsu in Winter, a Spring Tonkatsu like the one here, a summer Tonkatsu with cold Soba Noodles, and the Fall Tonkatsu with oven-roasted root vegetables. Yum! It is an amazing fried food. Did you know that Tonkatsu … Continue reading Tonkatsu – Recipe + Poem

Poem + Recipe – Burmese Curry Chicken Udon

Today was yet another nice spring day, so I started craving Curry and Watermelon. I think that’s a craving that’s a bit too uniquely me! Anyway, my Burmese friend taught me the recipe for Ohn No Khauk Swe, a traditional Burmese breakfast dish. It’s a nice, lemony dish with mouth-watering Coconut and Turmeric combination that will be sure to awe you. So, I went on … Continue reading Poem + Recipe – Burmese Curry Chicken Udon

Steak Dinner – Recipe and Poem

Steak, the amazing, delicious, marbled affair is an indulgent and scrumptious dinner. It’s great, once in a while, or in my case, after I forgot to eat for the entire day 😅 I got a good 8 Oz Ribeye for my steak! Steak Excitement takes over,And sometimesIt looks a bit messy,But as long as your taste buds rejoice –It’s a steak, medium rare well done. … Continue reading Steak Dinner – Recipe and Poem