Static Paths

Wrapped in the moonlit night
With a single lamp burning away the sorrow,
He lurks with the shadows,
Besotted with a beautiful plight.

Drips of wax,
Encasing his smile,
Pinned with charms, every mile
Wound together, perhaps –

In the dreams of cold winter,
A sparkling clash of hues
Caught them past the blues,
A silhoutte of light, a little brighter.

Words fail, with the look on her face,
Caught up in all this daze,
It’s a frivolous phase,
But they chose to stay.

All they needed was seconds
Lest everything will fail.
In the end her words will play
Ending in a disarray.

Then, they shall pass,
Into an ethereal abyss,
Parting ways,
Like the paths on a snowy day.

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