Author’s Note: This poem is close to my heart. You got this 👊 Take a deep breathe. •

Aimlessly wandering beacon of dread
Nudging your thoughts, inducing palpitation instead
‘Xactly how did we get here?
In the road of trepidation, tears and blood;
Enguarde, this is the third response to threat,
Trembling and fumbling, frozen brain – dud,
Yelling and scrapping inside your skin –

Look up and stare
At the sky, the light,
Stars or the branches,
Holding you tight,
You are safe my dear,
The darkness crawling within may stay,
But know that there is star at the end of this plight,
You are your own might,
A little deeper,
Close your eyes,
The world is yours tonight
Today and forever,
If you choose to stay.

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